Political parties’ Facebook “likes”

This measure of political party support has some obvious limitations (viz. self-selection and an upper-income/urban/education bias) but is still, I think, worth noting, especially the Aam Aadmi Party’s strong performance.

One thought on “Political parties’ Facebook “likes”

  1. Pragya Tiwari

    It is possible to ‘buy’ likes’ on Facebook using their highly specialised campaign manager- i.e. pay anything between a couple of thousands to lakhs and get them to promote your page specifically to gather ‘likes’ irrespective of engagement with the page/brand. Wondering if the amount spent on promotion should not be a factor when assessing a party’s performance on Facebook? Given that this information might not be easy to access perhaps better to include statistics on number of people ‘talking about the page’ to indicate actual engagement? (though that is influenced by advertising on fb as well, naturally)

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