7 thoughts on “The Shah of Blah

  1. Follow up

    Can you share the sources for these following claims?

    1. “the share of rural LPG distributorships rose from 14% in 2009-10 to more than 40% now, and some 70 lakh BPL households received LPG connections via RGGLV. Around 17 state governments also had separate programmes to do the same, including Andhra Pradesh’s “Deepak” scheme that started in 1999.”

    Specifically, where is it stated that 17 State governments have their own separate programmes? Where are their details available?

    2. “..government numbers show that 47% of households had LPG connections in 2011, but the census that year found that only 29% of households actually used LPG as their primary cooking fuel”


  2. 1. Share of LPG dealerships and state government schemes are in “LPG Profile (Data on LPG Marketing)”, Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell website, pages 5 and 16. And it’s “Deepam”, have corrected text.

    2. RGGLV LPG connection data in Lok Sabha Unstarred Question No. 3134, answered on 5 Dec 2016, page 3.

    3. Census vs govt data from Nov 2014 Council on Energy Environment and Water (CEEW) report titled “Rationalising subsidies, reaching the underserved”, page 1.

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  4. swamy

    you could spend your entire lifetime truth-checking their comments, but it is not going to stop them from making more such comments. More absurd, the better life seems to get for them.

    Neither are the voters going to change their minds, because they are mesmerized by a powerful drug named religion [i wish it was logic or reasoning, but it is not to be so]. I guess indian populace marches to the beat of a different drummer.

    All this does not matter, wait for 3-5 years, you’ll encounter an entirely new set of problems as a nation, for which there are no solutions. It will not matter how big you are, or who is in power.

  5. swamy

    well, even after going through the latest GDP report, if you still believe that ‘acche din’ are not here, then i don’t know what to call you.

    Actually i do, but i would not dare to call you that.

    and in case you are wondering, the word i am thinking of is ‘sceptic’.


    1. GDP(Market Price) = GDP(Factor Cost) + Indirect Taxes – Subsidies. Remember this formula..
      Everything is still or even worse than how it was since 2011. What increased is the indirect taxes due to surcharges and Cess. What decreased is Subsidies cost due to lower commodity prices like oil, metals, etc. So you see the rosy picture. The ground situation hasnt changed much.. Once the Oil prices increase, I want to see what happens then

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