Chunauti was set up by Amitabh Dubey as Chunaav, a blog focused on data-driven analysis in the run up to India’s 2014 general election. Chunauti continues on this path and analyses politics and governance. Amitabh was a political scientist for several years before becoming an India consultant for global fund managers. He is also Policy Coordinator for the All India Professionals’ Congress. Views are personal.

19 thoughts on “About

  1. Anand Prasad

    We with Earnest & Humble plead You Please Say No to Fekutva-Moditva,Hindutva & BJPtva because all these itva’s are most dangerous and vicious to our Great country in General and to every Individual Citizen in particular.

  2. Hitesh Talsaniya

    Good details present through this website portal, what Gujarat CM is telling is totally wrong. Gold chain snatching, temple robbery, accidents , rape cases increased but it is not surface out due to media is not allowed to present this type of issues due to Guj Govt.policy.
    Also if we can observed that Gujarat debt is also almost 11000 crores which is higher than bihar state also. If CM says that Gujarat is developed state than debt should also be lower than other under developed states.More information is there to share but this may be enough to convenience the well educated Indian citizens.

  3. Swaraj Nihal

    Very nice analysis. Do you write only on Union governments economic issues/policies/claims or you write it for state governments also?

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