How various regions fare in Modi’s Cabinet

There has been much talk of the politics behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi 's 5 Jul Cabinet reshuffle. It hasn't escaped anyone's attention that several new appointees came from Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, both states in which the BJP has big stakes and that have elections due in 2017. But how important is regional representation in the appointment of ministers? …

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Should opinion polls be banned?

Despite my critique of their use of communal violence data, the India Today Group graciously invited me to participate in a panel discussion on opinion polling at the India Today Conclave 2014 on Saturday, Mar 8. I made the following points: Parliamentary seat projections should be treated with skepticism because there is no simple relationship between …

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Political parties’ Facebook activity

In response to my post on Political parties' Facebook "likes", Pragya Tiwari correctly pointed out that an additional flaw in that measure is the likelihood that parties and politicians purchase "likes", and that people "talking about this" might be a less manipulable figure. So here is some data (an evening's snapshot on Mar 1):

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