Modi’s autopilot achievements

In a 13 Feb 2016 speech at the recent Make in India jamboree in Mumbai, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took credit for many economic achievements. These included India’s climb in various World Bank and UN indices, and all-time records in coal and vehicle production, software exports and cargo handling by ports.

The claims were taken from the BJP’s 31 Jan 2016 press release, which proclaimed that “it is necessary to show the statistics because in the Congress-led UPA-1 & UPA-2 regime, many of these indicators were moving in the opposite direction” and to counter “baseless propaganda and criticism”.

And this is what it had to say:

That’s quite a collection of achievements. The problem with claims of this nature is that there is a good chance — particularly in an economy that’s been among the world’s fastest-growing for a couple of decades — that each year will break some record or the other.

So how to judge? One way is to examine how commonplace these achievements actually are:

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 6.12.16 PM.png

Pretty common, it turns out.

The good news for the BJP is that only two of its 13 claims are outright false. But the fact remains that most of these economic achievements are so much the product of past momentum that the UPA, supposedly paralysed into inaction in its second iteration, could also have made 12 of the 13 claims, one more than the BJP. Even the short-lived United Front government in 1996-97 could have made at least four of these claims without batting an eyelid.

Political parties are entitled to seek credit wherever they can. But the current government’s obsession with topping lists and rankings produces empty claims such as these. Instead, Modi should spend more time listing what he sees as the main hurdles to faster growth, and what he did to fix them.

16 thoughts on “Modi’s autopilot achievements

  1. urea you are wrong

    show the difference in growth?

    If you have guts show the difference between 2014 and 2013 and 2015 and 2014?

    Same thing for railways ?

    2010 it was 1 Rs

    2011 it was 1.01 rupees

    2015 it was way more 10 Rupees

    I know what this is up to.



    You post data and I will counter this.

    1. Anandu

      Kid, why don’t you go learn some math and do other trolls a favor, teach them too. Don’t play with numbers, the only things you folk are good at is stiching chaddis and playing with sticks.

  2. Anirudh Nair

    It would be great to get the percentage of increase of these claims. That would be the cirrect indicator of upward momentum. Is there a way to get this stat?

    1. There is a laborious way of getting this stat, by manually calculating it for every year covered in the table above! Don’t see any consistent acceleration when I eyeball the data.

      But keep in mind that the government isn’t making any claims about increased rates of change, not here in any event.

      1. antihaters

        That is your problem.


        SEE/hear for yourself .

        Typical modi haters cannot do math

        Try to see the difference in RATE OF GROWTH ?


  3. real_data

    Do everyone a favor and don’t be a Rajdeep

    Post the rate and difference of growth.

    It is obvious that pollution will never decrease, does that mean Modi did it?

    It is obvious that growth will increase in Modi Government.

    What you are deviating from is the ACCELRATTION .


    You have done some job, agree, post the ACCELERATION OF GROWTH.

    1. I suggest you appeal to the BJP to make specific claims of acceleration in economic indicators (and I don’t mean the debatable increase in GDP growth), and I will be happy to fact check them. I don’t think trumpeting India’s growing share of the LED light bulb market, or the return to profit of one public sector company, really cuts it.

      Following which we can debate which increases are on account of previous UPA decisions, and which can be attributed to NDA decision-making.

  4. Govil

    The claim about Electricity generation and Power are True. Before NDA Govt, power generation stations used to have shortage of coal,stock for one or Two days only. Now most of the Power generation stations have 20-21 days of coal. As of now Center had surplus power but States are not able to purchase as the state Discoms are in bad financial shape. National Grid Transmission capacity has been considerably improved.
    It is remarkable achievement in 18 months

    1. I didn’t say the claim was not true, I said it was true “for every year since 1975-76”.

      Agree the fuel situation has improved, and Piyush Goyal should get some credit, but one reason also is that power demand is soft and power generation growth has slowed.

      Also, a senior Coal India official told me in Kolkata last year that the initial jump in coal output occurred because of the UPA’s grant of environmental clearances to certain Coal India fields it its last two years, when it eased its earlier strong pro-environment stance. Subsequent NDA environmental clearances will show up as production increases further down the line.

      1. anti_haters99

        the whole argument to foll the gullible anti modi haters who just want to deal with memes and troll photo is outright outrageous.

        Why is it not obvious that something will grow every year?

        See the Video of Modi at Economic times enclaves, HE CLEARLY MENTIONS THE ACCELERATION.

        Please post the incremental difference done in each of the years starting 2010.

        And, for God sake, Please do not get me started with the degrading rate of growth in every sector in work done by UPA since 2007.

        But you have chosen the make in India speech.

        that is just

  5. Broadsword

    My compliments, Amitabh Dubey. Your Modibhakt nitwits are a match for my Modibhakt nitwits.

    I’m extremely miffed. I thought I had the biggest idiots in cyberspace trolling me. Now I find you’re challenging my dominance…

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