15 thoughts on “Fact checking Modi’s Times Now interview

  1. Subbu

    arre bhai,

    phir se chakkar me pad gaye?

    I remember him saying thay they ‘saved’ Rs 28,000 crores by linking aadhar with the LPG subsidy. Could there be a fact-check on what that money was used for?

    i wonder if the people who voted for him [the vote was not for his party, but that just came with him as extra baggage] would want to re-think on their choice.

    it seems to me that more and more, Mr Modi ji is going to turn the whole of india into gujarat….good from far [if you believe their statistics], but far from good.

      1. Subbu

        I understand the numbers sir.

        Repeatedly claiming a higher figure might make it true, but if they cannot account for all the money, then we can conclude that the numbers are fake.

        I am sure Mr Modi Ji has the best of the country at heart, and does not want to deliberately mislead the nation. Perhaps it is the people under him that are lying, or padding the numbers somehow.

        On another note, the bhakts seem to have found the blog, so prepare your mountains of evidence to fight against their ‘faith’ and still lose.

        Thank you.

        And to quote an appropriate song “yeh kahaan aa gaye hum, yu hi saath saath chalthe”


  2. Ayan Mozumdar

    The most fucktard post I have come across off late.

    The author definately is a congressi chamcha. Detailed research on this subject is good enuf to show that u are ready to pounce on any opportunity to show the PM down.

    And definately u will find people who would want to match ur opinion with theirs.

    Send me your address so that I can mail you a burnol tube.

    1. Parliamentary questions and answers have been available online for many years, zip to do with Digital India. The National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy was notified in March 2012, and data.gov.in was launched in October 2012 by the previous government. Plus, Digital India is a perfect example of rebranding of longstanding e-governance initiatives.

  3. Tissh

    Hey..bro….you missed out on corruption issues………

    Can you say that the “‘UPA’ didn’t do that”….

  4. Tulsi N P

    Bharatiya Jhumla Party and Feku master stands exposed. Kudos to the author who did the hard work of collating the data, and presenting the facts as it is. Even if we ignore the prose, the statistics speaks for itself. Any person with any common sense would know the penchant for exaggeration by Modi & his team. We can’t understand how the media (mainstream or national, so called) does not know these facts and figures. Either their memory is poor, or they are playing truant (hiding the facts).

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